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Crimson Cabernet Wine – Dry


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Arbor Hill’s Newest Release

Crimson Cabernet, with its bold spice and robust tannic structure, is a hybrid varietal of Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton grapes created by Lucian Dressel and Dr. Harold Olmo in 2002. Crimson Cabernet is a dry red table wine that pairs wonderfully with pasta and red sauce, along with turkey, pork and beef.
The goal of the hybridization was to cross the very popular Californian Cabernet Sauvignon with something very hearty and resistant to cold temperature climates. The Norton grape, which is the state grape of Michigan, is exceptionally sturdy but quite seedy. Crimson Cabernet is now being grown in at least twenty states. Arbor Hill Founder, John Brahm, after undoubtedly following the new hybrid for several years, decided around 2016 to add it to our wine list. Unfortunately, John passed just months before the vines arrived in 2019 for planting. His brother, Tom, and nephew, TJ Brahm, planted them and have painstakingly cared for the vines ever since.
What we are releasing and enjoying today comes from our inaugural 2022 harvest of Crimson Cabernet. We are certain that John would enjoy seeing this wine come to fruition and would urge one and all to enjoy a glass. Of course, he would suggest you likely get a bottle or two!
R.S. .7%

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