Wholesale Application & Co-Packing

Wholesale Application

General Information

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving Arbor Hill’s Wholesaler Information Packet.

The following requirements apply:

  • All first orders require a Credit Card payment.
  • Our opening orders are $100.00 and reorders are $75.00.
  • When placing an order you have to order in full case lots (12) of one product.



Yes, we have a Co-Packing program. For more information please email John Brahm at john@thegrapery.com with the following information and you will receive a CALL back (not an email): name, phone number, city/state and product details. 


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Griesa Hill Iona

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Aug 16 4:00 pm
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Aug 16 4:00 pm
Lisa's Liquor Wine Tasting
Aug 17 4:00 pm
Ryan's Wine Tasting
Aug 17 5:00 pm
Steak Night at Brew & Brats at Arbor Hill
Aug 17 6:00 pm
Open Mic with ViewBoard Mountain Boys at Brew & Brats
Aug 18 6:00 pm
Saturday Concert The Lonely Ones
Aug 24 5:00 pm
Steak Night at Brew & Brats at Arbor Hill
Aug 24 6:00 pm
Open Mic with Strickley Acoustic at Brew & Brats
Aug 25 6:00 pm
Saturday Concert Paulsen, Baker and Chaapel
Aug 30 4:00 pm
Aaron Lip Concert to Benefit Hospeace House
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