What Our Customers Say…

At Arbor Hill Winery we concentrate on personal relationships which naturally come about when people purchase our products. Over the years we have become synonymous with Grape Pies, Fine New York State Wines, Naples and all the little things that make up our region of the world.

We would be nothing without our customers, who provide the purpose for what we do each and everyday!

Dear Sherry,

My husband and I want to thank you for the trip to the wine cellar and all the information and history you gave us. I am sure you could tell that we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about wine but left New York knowing more than we did. Tomorrow we are having a Father’s day dinner and your wine will be part of it.


Jane and Gordie Rhinehart

Dear Sherry,

I just wanted to take a moment before too much time has passed to say “thank you” to those at Arbor Hill for the way my recent order for my daughter’s birthday was handled. She resides in Florida and I reside in Pennsylvania, therefore I rely on mail-order quite a bit for gift giving. Although her gift was on back order; your company handled the situation in a great way:

I was telephoned to be told my order was not going to be delivered in time for her birthday due to the wine rack being on back-order. At which time I was given the opportunity to cancel the order, when I chose not to, a bottle of wine was offered to be included in her package. Just knowing in advance I could let her know the package was going to be delayed was nice – the included bottle of wine was really wonderful. The customer service I received from your company was conducted in a warm manner which I greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Incidentally, my daughter loved the wine rack and the wine too.

Thank you again.

Jane Doyle

Dear Sherry,

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting your Grapery shop last Friday for the first time. We purchased a couple of bottles based on taste tests, and spent the rest of Friday and most of Saturday visiting other wine shops around Canandaigua and Seneca Lakes. Near the end of Saturday we realized that Arbor Hill was our favorite! So we drove from Seneca back to Bristol to get one of your last bottles of Vergennes! Also noted that your products are carried at almost every other shop — so why buy from the middle vendors? We bought the jellies and other things we wanted right from you. Love everything we tasted, and very much appreciated the knowledge of the person serving the wine samples. Keep the information on your labels! That is great for those of us who aren’t as savvy about the grapes and how to serve!

Thanks, again! We will visit again soon!

Jean & John Dittman – Williamsville, N.Y.

Dear Sherry,

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how SPECTACULAR AND WONDERFUL I think Rhine Street Red is. My husband and I were there in July and I was able to taste a variety of wines. I was NOT a red wine drinker, but I have since become a convert! I just finished ordering ANOTHER case (that’s 2 in one month!) and I will be out there for the weekend at the end of the month to pick up more. I have told everyone and anyone who will listen about how wonderful this wine is. Keep up the GREAT work! Thank you for creating such a terrific product.

Dawn Poole – Rensselaer, New York

Dear John, Katie & Sherry,

On 12/29/04, My wife and I tuned into our channel #54, Food Network, Tampa Florida, as we settled in to watch “Food Finds”, much to our pleasant surprise we saw the Great segment about Arbor Hill Grapery, Naples N.Y.

We had decided to stay here in Plant City (The Strawberry Capital) for the Holidays (1st time). It was like receiving a nice Christmas present from home when we viewed the program.

It was a fine presentation, most enjoyable to watch as were the other segments.

Hoorah for Naples and the Finger Lakes!!!

Our Regards,

Walter and Mary Anne Miller

My husband and I were in your winery and gift shop this past Sunday and when we got home I decided to write to you and let you know how pleased we were with your gift shop. We usually make two or three trips to your winery each year and come home each time with at least half a case of wine and a few things from your gift shop. We are wine lovers and have been to every winery along Keuka, Cayuga, Seneca, Canandaigua and Lake Erie (western New York). I must say that your gift shop is the best stocked store of all of the wineries that we have visited over the years. We always enjoy a trip to your winery – the people in the tasting room are always cordial, you have excellent wines and your gift shop is top notch!

Congratulations on a job well done!

Cathy Smolnik

Dear Sherry,

After being away for three years, we visited our new grand daughter in Chili and our favorite winery, Arbor Hill! We were not disappointed! We loaded up on Rhine Street Red and gourmet foods. You all do a fantastic job and your passion for excellence is in your products. Can’t wait until we return!

Marc and Kim Bobish – Valrico, Florida

Dear John and Family,

I just had to write again to all of you to commend you on your products. After continually ordering my Rhine Street Red (directly from you) for the past two years, I have finally convinced my local wine/liquor store to carry it. I am giving a variety of your wines as Christmas gifts this year, although I can’t part with my Rhine Street Red! Luckily, you have a wonderful selection of great wines that will keep them all happy, without me having to feel guilty about not giving up my favorite. We all continue to enjoy the dips and spreads, along with my jars of Healthy Purple pie filling. My husband is a HUGE grape pie lover and this makes it easy for me to have a continual supply on hand.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your continued production of such wonderful products. Keep up the great work and know that I have become your number one advertiser without costing you a penny! Just keep the Rhine Street Red flowing!!!

Dawn Poole – East Greenbush, New York

Dear Sherry,

I’m not a wine person, even a little…in fact I hate most alcohol, with a few exceptions, like margarita’s. The woman urged me to try two of your “dips”, Champagne Garlic Mustard, and a Jalapeno one. I immediately shied away from the Champagne one, alcohol, then tried the Jalapeno dip, it was wonderful! Not too strong, but a delicate (if you can call a Jalapeno ‘delicate’) taste of the pepper. I was urged again to try the Champagne Dip, and to my surprise, it was Awesome! Sometimes you can slip a little alcohol past me. I bought both bottles, brought them home to my husband, who is Head Chef at Medaille College, and he was very impressed, his thoughts wandered to “marinating, infusing, etc.” I have to tell you, I ate the whole Champagne Dip in three days! And I don’t like mustard either! You have some sort of magic in your products.

Polly McMillan – Cheektowaga, New York

Dear Sherry,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were in visiting your winery. We did a wine tour of the Finger Lakes and your winery stood out! We liked the variety in the store, the friendliness of the staff, and the wine! Glad we made the trip to Naples, South Bristol, as it was a highlight of our trip. Hope to see you again next visit.

Joseph Peters – Ohio

Dear Sherry,

We just recently moved back to Valrico, Florida, which is 15 miles east of Tampa, after spending two years in Avon, NY. We would frequent your winery once a month and stock up on the Rhine Street Red, garlic cheese, and other wine accessories. We miss you guys very much, but thanks to the internet, you are only a click away. Keep up the great work in producing great wine products!!!

Marc and Kimberley Bobish – Valrico, Florida

Dear Sherry,

I received my order in plenty of time. All of the wine was used for Christmas parties or as gifts. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it—I have two left. I am grateful to you for keeping the memory of my grandfather – Nicholas Konz—alive. Each bottle I gave I remembered him giving away his juice to my Dad for his own wine making purposes. Some day I too will learn to make wine.

Suzanne Konz Dutta

Just a quick note to say how much my brother and I enjoy, no relish your grape preserves. As you are probably aware, grape preserves seem to be the rarest of all fruit preserves to locate. We are no strangers to wonderful fruit products and wines in the Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan region.

As kids, we had concord grapes on our farm along w/various other fruits, but of all the wonderful canned products, jams, jelly’s and pie’s our grandmother made, grape preserves were not among the list. So, we were content to buy (forgive me here) Welch’s grape preserves which were actually quite good. Around the middle to late 1970’s they stopped producing preserves leaving my brother and I without a necessary pleasure in life.

I have been stationed with the National Park Service for many years around this great country of ours to include Alaska and Hawaii but could not locate grape preserves. Having just opened the box of 12 containers and opening and sampling the first jar, I can say, I haven’t tasted anything so wonderful in a very long time.

Thank you for keeping one of the truly great American traditions alive and doing it quite well.

Again thank you,

Jeff and Bernie Doyle


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