Lake Boat Wine and Book Series Gift Box


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Arbor Hill Lake Boat Wines commemorate the steamboat ear on Canandaigua Lake, the westernmost of the five major Finger Lakes in Central New York State. The great paddle wheels of that era gracefully churned the blue waters and provided both passenger and commercial service at 66 stops between Canandaigua to the north and the hamlet of Woodville, at the south end of the lake.

This gift box contains 4 unique wines, each paying homage to the steamboat for which they are named and a book, “The Canandaigua Lake Steamboat Era 1827 to 1935” by Robert and William Vierhile.

Moores Diamond  – Canandaigua Steamboat (Dry White)

Cayuga White – Onnalinda Steamboat (Semi Dry White)

Niagara – Ogarita Steamboat (Sweet White)

Diana – Genundewah Stemboat (Semi Sweet Blush)

each 750ml

The paperback book is 50 pages of Steamboat history including the four mentioned above plus more.  We have provided a picture of the Table of Contents for more information. If you prefer to purchase the book alone, click HERE.

Enjoy! Taste after Taste! Time after Time! 


Tribute to the Winemaster.

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