Healthy Purple Fresh Grape Juice


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This Limited Edition Healthy Purple Grape Juice is made with our very own Concord grapes which have reached optimum ripeness with full flavor and the highest levels of heart healthy compounds. In fact, Concord grapes contain two-to-three times the antioxidant levels of 42 other fruits and vegetables tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here is a drink for your health! Also available at select Wegmans Supermarkets.

750ml   25.40 fl.oz.

Ingredients: Finger Lakes Purple Grapes, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate added to maintain freshness.

Special Features: no water or sugar added

Enjoy! Taste After Taste! Time After Time!

Nutritional Facts:

Serving Size 8 oz

Servings per Container 3

Calories 150

Total Fat 0g

Sodium 15mg

Potassium 360g

Total Carbs 36g

Sugars 36g

Protein 1g

Iron 4%

Calcium 2%


Tribute to the Winemaster.

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