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Grill, Simmer and Smoke Gift Box


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Fire up the grill, start the smoker, and prep the pot!  Cook to your heart’s content using the tasty treats in this gift box – Arbor Hill Sherried Wine Barbecue Sauce, Brew and Brats Frog Hollow Beer Mustard, Arbor Hill Cracked Peppercorn Cabernet Finishing Sauce, Woodstead Hot Anything & Everything Sauce, Chef Lerman’s Black Strap Bar-B-Q Sauce, Roadkill Meat Rub, and recipes.

Have you visited our restaurant, Brew and Brats at Arbor Hill? You will find most of these products in our recipes. We use Sherried Wine Barbeque Sauce in Billy’s Baked Beans, Brew and Brats Frog Hollow Beer Mustard is served in our mustard caddy and along side the pretzel bites, Cracked Peppercorn Cabernet Finishing Sauce and Woostead Sauce can be found in our Meat & Bean Chili. Woodstead is also in our mustard caddy, although not a mustard but it plays well with the others. Chef Lerman’s Black Strap Bar-B-Q Sauce is served on Friday Nights with our Steak Dinners. This sauce is also fantastic on a turkey sandwich. Finally, the Roadkill has not made it into a recipe as of yet. Stay tuned…


Enjoy! Taste After Taste! Time After Time!


Tribute to the Winemaster.

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